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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Pipe Dreams

Okay, so it's not so much dreams as nightmares.

I hate plumbing.

The way I feel about plumbing is known to just about every body I know.  It is also known to a number of complete strangers, because I will walk up to someone I've never seen before and say, by way of introduction,  "I hate plumbing."

The lodge has 5 showers, 3 claw-foot tubs, 13 toilets and about 20 sinks.  And they are all old.   And they all break/leak/hate me.

And now, for whatever reason we have taken on another property with another 10 showers/toilets/sinks that are even older and freeze every winter and need fixing.

I now have most of the plumbing in the cabins working, just in time to drain the water and blow out the lines for winter later this week.

I was upstairs in the lodge an hour or so ago, working on a toilet that started leaking from the tank-bowl connection, when I had a thought.  Plumbing is God's punishment for us eating the apple.  "Okay"  he said  "Now that you have eaten it, this too shall pass.  And when it does, things will clog."

I hate plumbing.