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Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Move

Late last night we got home from helping a friend move to her new home - in Minnesota.  We had loaded all her worldly possessions in our horse trailer - including her horse, two dogs and cat - and drove through the night earlier in the week on a 15 hour trip.  Everything went great; we had waited for a break in the winter weather storm systems that kept hitting the Midwest.

Her new home is fabulous; she will be working as the Equine Director for the Ironwood Springs Christian Camp, setting up therapeutic riding programs, and helping horses also, with special needs.  The camp sits on 140 acres in southern MN and has a beautiful log lodge, indoor horse arena, lots of cabins and super fun stuff to do, like tubing, sleigh rides, hikes, you name it.

While there, Bill fell in love with Clyde - the camel.  Who would think of finding a camel in MN?
A Camel Selfie
Who's more infatuated, Bill or Clyde?  This camel does love his scratches.

I got to pet Dot the deer in the petting zoo.  Such a little sweet heart.
Wandering around the grounds in sunny, warm weather.
The Snack Shack - the barn before a larger barn was built.
Their version of a BBQ - a big piece of old farm equipment that was turned into  something that could cook hamburgers for multiples.
Miracle Lodge - all 28 rooms are wheel chair accessible.
The camp graciously let us stay in one of the lodge rooms.  They were all beautiful.
An idea of what the inside was like - looking down from the 3rd floor to the main conference area.
How would you like a moose overlooking your meeting?
We stayed a day to rest up and see the area a bit, so we went into Rochester, MN and walked around the famous Mayo Clinic.  We happened to arrive the day an ice festival was starting:  SocialIce.  The warm weather was nice for us - but the ice sculptures were melting as fast as they were being placed.
The main theme was to build a bar that could be actually used.  I don't think that was going to happen, but they had some interesting ones.
...and some interesting sculptures.
On our way home we saw different weather related stuff - like 5 semi trucks on their sides in the ditches within the first 100 miles after leaving the camp.
You just don't expect to see big trucks from this angle.  It's quite scary when you are pulling a horse trailer out there.  I guess there was big wind problems here at home, too.  Glad to be back home.
Bionic Cowgirl

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Halters

Last week we had 17 inches of snow and below zero temps.  This week we have a false spring with sunshine and temps in the low 60's.  Gotta love Colorado.

We needed to meet with a neighbor whose horse is with ours; vet check and brand inspector kind of stuff getting ready for an upcoming trip.  It seemed like a great day to try on new halters we got as Christmas presents.
Yes, she has her eyes closed, enjoying the sun while getting her tail brushed.  The halter is almost too small, which is really odd since every halter we have bought her is too large.  These are American Mustang halters; they must think these horses have smaller heads.  I can barely get it behind her cheekbone.  It is let out as far as possible.  Losing some of the winter hair will help.
I have no idea why Washoe is sticking his tongue out, although grooming is not his favorite idea of a way to spend time.  His halter fits better but is none too big.  I think the halters are really pretty on them.  Thank you GunDiva for the great gifts.
Ranger, however, did not get his picture with his as he declined putting it on.


Bionic Cowgirl

Friday, February 5, 2016

Reba Dog

Today is our 1 year got-iversary with Reba the lodge dog.

One year ago today we adopted her from  the Humane Society.  She chose Juanita and we couldn't leave without her (Juanita or the dog, either one).  She has settled in quite well, and is fulfilling the role of lodge dog wonderfully.

When we first got her, she was a real scardy cat. She was afraid of the stairs, of hardwood floors and if I rolled up a newspaper, she would cower and shake.

Now she takes the stairs 3 at a time, treats the floors as her personal skating rink and will grab a rolled newspaper out of my hand while wagging her tail.

Vacuum cleaners, on the other hand...
Very Scary

She's a keeper.