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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Many kinds of horse training

Yesterday I was in the horses' pen moving a watering tank between the two pens so horses on both sides of the panels could reach the water.  As there was still hay in the smaller pen, all of the horses were interested in going past me to get into the smaller pen.  A simple "no!" and a wave of my arms was enough to persuade 3 out of our 4 horses that they were not getting by me.  However, Washoe pushed me out of the way to get at the food.  I felt that was quite rude of him, and as I was carrying a shovel, I jabbed him in the ribs with the handle as he went by me.  It didn't seem to phase him in the least, so I got a better grip on the shovel and ran at him shrieking like a banshee and swinging the business end around my head at him.  He looked up at me still holding a mouthful of hay and suddenly remembered there was an important meeting he needed to attend right away in the big pen.  I hope he took notes.


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  1. According to Mom, all you had to say was 'no'. However, this is Washoe the Wonder Idiot. He's a little slow to remember important meetings.


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