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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Turn

Beel keeps hinting it's my turn to blog.  Don't know why I have been absent so much from the blog world.  It's been busy, but not so busy as the summer gets.  I think it's just a different kind of busy.  My mom has had a couple health issues lately; not the complicated and tragic kind some of you have been dealing with, but time consuming for us, as it's a three hour round trip to check on her.  She wouldn't even let me know she had doctor's appointments until a couple days after the fact. (See where I get my martyrdom attitude?)  Now I insist on going to her appointments with her, so I can get the whole story, not just her 'maybe' version.  That was a trick in itself, finding out and getting her to let me go.  It's always difficult to accept the time when you become the support system for a parent, instead of the other way around; something I need to learn to deal with emotionally.  I've been lucky; a lot of you have already had to go through this, so some of you might have to prod me in the right direction now and then (no cattle prods, please - my titanium would not be pleased!)

We had a group of croppers in this weekend, which brought us back to reality.  You know, real work.  As I was stripping rooms after they left today, I looked out an upper story window and noticed Jesse just standing off by herself and ignoring "the boys" at the feeder.  Huh?  Jesse never, ever ignores food - and she is NOT a loner.  You just don't see her like that.  I watched for a while, thinking she could be in the beginning stages of colic, but didn't notice any real signs.  She was just hanging out, ears up and alert, squared up like some stallion standing guard, but NO motion.  I checked on her every couple hours and she just stayed there. 

Finally, I decided she was melancholy; no going out, no person to play with as we've been on the road so much; and the boys were boring.  I grabbed her halter, her frisbee and a pocketful of treats, and headed for the corral.  She couldn't get her head into that halter fast enough; she didn't care where we were going, but we were going!  Beel tried to get me to take the Flip, but I figured I would have my hands full as is - and boy, was I right.  I took her to the neighbor's big corral, turned her loose, brushed her and saw a spark in her eye.  We started playing frisbee and by the time the neighbor came home a few minutes later and let her two dogs loose, we had pandemonium.  Jesse doesn't usually chase dogs, but she had a ball today keeping her frisbee away from the dogs.  She raced up and down the hill, kicked up her heels, let loose good ole horsie farts and threw in some bucks for good measure, while I talked with the neighbor.  When she decided I had talked enough, she went to the gate and stared over at the boys in our pen, like she was saying, "OK, we can go home now."

I think I needed that time out in the fresh air as much (maybe more) than she did.  Of course, when I got back to our pen, it was very obvious both boys felt extremely slighted.  Guess I'd better make time for them tomorrow.  Oops, we're supposed to get another six inches of snow tonight.  Oh well, what's a little snow among friends!

Bionic Cowgirl

PS - I forgot to tell you all MY New Year's Resolution.  NO MORE BIONICS!!!


  1. Funny how they get cabin fever! How do you play frisbee with a horse?

  2. No no no no BC don't make that your New Year's resolution! Don't you know that they almost always get broken?! That's pretty much the last thing you need.

    Too bad there was no video of Jesse playing, sounds hilarious.

  3. Well, Breathe, it's a lot like playing frisbee with a dog, we just never got to the level of her 'catching' the frisbee. She let's it drop to the ground, picks it up and brings it back to me. I taught her with clicker training when she was very young (18 mo.) and we needed something to do. It then advanced into her picking up dropped items on trail rides, locating trash such as plastic bags, and a lot of other stuff. As a younger horse, she really enjoyed entertaining people; now as an 11 yo, not so much (too dignified!).

    BCC - I guess I will rescind my resolution, if that's what it takes. Will try to get Beel to film the next play session.
    Bionic Cowgirl

  4. Frisbee with a horse! What a totally cool idea. Can't wait for the video!

  5. Yep, it seems Jesse needed some "me time" can ya blame her? Being around those boys can get pretty irritating after a while, exhausting even. (sorry Beel) I would love watch how you two play frisbee, that is a terrific trick to teach a horse!

  6. I wish you would stop raving about the clicker training technique...

    Rach is starting to get the idea that it might work on me :o(

    P.S. I have had my quad backfire a few times, but never fart...just saying.....

  7. Sure wish Beel would have captured the pony frisbee games. I bet it was a hoot to watch. I guess all of us can get melancholy during the winter, even horses. Good on you to take her away from it all for a little while.

    Yup...excellent New Years Resolution!


  8. I so would love to be there with you guys! :( Glad you are enjoying the winter.

    On another note...I LOVE your New Year's resolution!

  9. I am totally feeling slighted that I didn't ask you to demonstrate that frisbee trick when we were there. Goshdarn, we'll just have to come back to see it :)

    And good resolution!


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