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Friday, February 1, 2013

Pinnacle of Bravery

Guess who all were lined up - very politely - at their bowls this morning when I took feed out? You could not have asked for better behaved horses.  It's amazing how they figure things out; food keeper gets extremely 'grouchy' when they don't behave.  They figure if they want their bowl food .... (remember, they did not get bowl food last night).

Watching them eat, I realize Ranger is standing kind of sideways and tipping his head funny to get into his bowl.

"What's the matter, bud?"

 R:  "There's something trying to attack me back there!"

Upon closer inspection, I find a section of the hay tarp has blown into their corral, right behind where he needs to stand.  On top of that, the top fence rail had popped loose and was hanging over his bowl.  Not to be deterred from his 'bowl food', he meekly tried to slip his muzzle under the pole.

 "As soon as you are done there, I'll move that tarp and fix the rail, OK?"

This is the pinnacle of bravery for this old, wild horse!  I swear he understood, because he walked over to the hay bin and started eating.  I moved the tarp back where it belonged and tied up the rail.  As soon as I was out of the corral he went back to his bowl.  Walking away, I looked back over my shoulder and he was happily munching on his beet pulp, standing in his 'normal' stance.

So glad to have them home.
Bionic Cowgirl


  1. Tarps are the boogie man, just sayin'.

  2. Oh heck, tarps scare ME!

    I really, really love how Ranger seems to understand what you are saying. Doesn't it make things so much easier when he positions himself to let you do your job (that he trusts you to do), then can get back to business? Love that guy.


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