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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Free Time Ain't Free

I seem to have a little extra free time lately.  Usually I post something on the blog when this happens.    I try to make the blogs "light and funny", with somewhat mixed results.

But I haven't been feeling overly funny lately.

The flood last month shut us down for nearly a week.  Roads washed out.  Rocky Mountain National Park closed.  Men at road blocks with fully automatic assault rifles turning non residents away (We gave them cookies.  You should be nice to people with machine guns...).

Now the federal government shutdown.  Park closed again.  So people that want to come stay with us have to drive extra far and even though there are no soldiers blocking the road, they just don't want to do it.  Even though it's a REALLY BEAUTIFUL DRIVE!  And even if they do make the drive, they can't go hiking in the Park.  'Cause it's closed.

Really?  They closed a forest?  Poor homeless elk and moose.  Now they are trespassing. 


It's really frustrating.  I mean, whom do you sue?  You can't sue anyone over the flood.  God may not have any lawyers up there, but he has the judge in his pocket.  And you can't sue the federal government because they have more lawyers than humans in DC. 

(I like picking on lawyers.  I have several friends that are lawyers.  Thinking on it, I also have several friends that have spent time in jail.  I suspect I have very poor taste in friends.)

The flood caught every one by surprise.  The government shut down, not so much.  Lots of people worked very hard to make that happen.

As a young adult, I found that my politics could be considered "moderate".  I was pleased.  I thought "Hey!  I can see BOTH SIDES of the issues!"  How very lucky for me!

In reality, it only means the both sides just P!$$ ME THE #ELL OFF.

So, here's what I'm thinking.  If I can't do anything about the weather, maybe it's time to become politicaly active again.



One hundred percent of the folks holding a federal, elected office in Washington DC in September of 2013, should not be re-elected to office.  Period.  Even if you (or I) agree with there positions, if they are to inept to do their jobs or even figure out HOW to do their jobs, they are gone.

Pass it on.

It is a fine line between a moderate and an anarchist in a highly partisan political system.



  1. Bad things happen when good men stand aside. Hurray for activism! Your government makes ours look good, though, so thanks for that ;)

  2. Yea Bill!! You go for it.............give 'em all hell......I'm right there with you and I don't have your problems with armed National Guardsmen or closed forests. I was fortunate enough to be up there the week after the flood and before the shutdown so I lucked out. Loved the hospitality and the food...some things just stay "good". Hope this ends soon for everyone concerned especially those who are in need and it certainly isn't those in DC! You and Juanita take care ...who knows whats next! Keep good thoughts. I am also. Blessings, Barbara Gates

  3. It's our first fall tourist season in years that hasn't ground to a halt from the effects of hurricane damage. My tiny board your horse to ride on the beach business was fully booked through mid-November.

    Now all the reservations are cancelling because who wants to trailer your horses all the way here when you can't ride on the beach... goodbye winter hay money.


  4. I have no words, Pilgrim. I have guns. I have American flags. I have frustration. I love America, but I don't like it much right now.I see our country circling the drain. It scares me. I'm pissed too, Bill. You should get a bumper sticker that says that. Eddy is so passé.

  5. The whole thing is so maddening!!


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