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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Quiet Horse Time

We had a few minutes yesterday prior to guests coming in, so we hopped in the car with a few breakfast scraps - aka 'biscuits' to the horses, better known as left-over waffles, pancakes and homemade bread slices lovingly dried on the grill for our furry friends.  They each have their preference, but right now they just seem to be really happy to see us coming for some petting time.
"Hey, is that the treat bag you have there?"
Ranger - You got my favorite in there?  (He's the waffle man.)
Jesse - I wanna see!  (Don't you just love their fear of the plastic bag?)
Ranger - Hey, that's my waffle!
Washoe - I've been waiting; can I have something? (He's not picky - as long as he can get it in his mouth.)

 Not to disappoint Ranger, Beel had to practice his 'dead Indian' trick.  You notice the other two are getting away before he can try them.
It was a fun few minutes.  Horses are so good for the heart!
Bionic Cowgirl


  1. Horses are good for the heart - They're also a great destresser!

  2. it. Horses are good for the heart. Super post. Love to see you guys having fun!


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