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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Moose Crossing

Today we decided it was time for our weekly horse check; just to make sure they were still where they belonged (sometimes Jesse takes them on a walk-about).  About 200 yards after we turn onto Hwy 72, we see this sign:
Now this always causes a chuckle from Bill and I because we are not known for moose on our side of the Continental Divide, although we have heard that they are spotted more frequently now; but really - a sign!

So another mile and a half down the road, I see this:
I start hollering, "Moose, stop!"

Just to make sure, Bill turned the car around and we drive slowly by as this beautiful, juvenile, female moose happily chews on bushes - right at the edge of the road.
Talk about making our day - and of course, now we have to quit laughing at the sign.

We did get over to the horses, too, who were more than happy to enjoy the apples we had taken for them.
Last week we brought them no food, just a drink.
They were kind enough to take an obligatory drink of water after we painstakingly hauled it over to them in 5-gallon containers.
 I love this picture of the wind blowing Ranger's mane.  They are all so furry and shiny; I think they like their "wild days".

We spotted 'other' large tracks in one of the fields next to theirs.  Some we checked on and they belonged to our guys, but others were obviously a 'different' animal.  Wonder if they have met their neighbor moose yet?
Love mountain life!
Bionic Cowgirl

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  1. Well, the moose was probably looking for the sign so she'd know where her range was. LOL That's Beel's influence on me!


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