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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Daydream, Interupted

This is Ranger.  The horse.

On this day I standed in the sun and thinked about morning food.  It was good but it is gone.  So I thinked about night food.  Then all of the neighbor horses runned out of their yard and away.  Waneeta telled Beel to get in the many van and off their heads.  Or something.  All of everyone was very excited and running very fast.

Then the neighbor horses comed back to the yard.  Beel was in the sock-her-mom-tack-see following them like a old mare.  When the fence hole closed again everything was not excited so I could think about my night food again.

Waneeta gived me new food on a day before this day.  It was very good food.  It is special food only for me.  That Mare and The Kid do not get any.  Not even a taste.  This is good.

My new special food is from Spain I think.  Waneeta says I might have spainish barbs in my blood.  It does not hurt.  So my new food is called   Señior Ek Wine.  It is maked by Pure Reena.  It is very special and fancy.  It has good tastes.  And it is easy to chew.

I hope I get some more with night food.

Add-e-ohs   a-me-goes

Ranger.  The horse.


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