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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Wonder Net

Just a quick update on the slow feed net I purchased for the horses:  I LOVE IT - and so do the horses!

Unbelievable how fast they took to it.  I still put small amounts of loose hay in the feeder, but as soon as I throw the loaded net in, they all start picking from it - and leave the loose stuff alone.  Yep; even Ranger.  There has always been small amounts left in the net after 24 hours.  I dump the handful out and they wait patiently for me to refill the net.  The operative word in that last sentence was 'patiently'.  They were never patient before, barely holding it together, trying not to paw or stomp at feeding times.  That was actually the first thing I noticed the day after I started using the net; I couldn't believe how much better behaved the horses were.  I think it is so much more like true grazing - picking out a few stems at a time - that they are more satisfied.  No more scarfing food  and then getting bored and picking at the fences and stuff.  They are still consuming the same quantity of hay throughout the day, but none is getting wasted.  Therein lies the savings.  Many times I've gone out to check and found them just 'hanging out', and hay still in the haynet.  Later when I take their 'bowl food' to them, the net will be emptier, but still have some.

So far, so good.  Now to see how long it lasts.  Even if it only does one season, it is worth it to watch the change in their demeanor.
Bionic Cowgirl

Post Scribble-

This was an unsolicited review of this product.  They gave us nothing.  If we hadn't liked the product, we wouldn't have told you about it at all, because it's embarrassing to get taken...
Purchased from-
Hay Chix


  1. Now that you've had it a week and are having good results, I'll pick one up for our wild ones. If they do well with it, I might pick up a second so we can rotate to make feeding faster on the days when Jay and I both have to leave for work really early.

  2. I'm not sure if my last comment went through, but thanks for reviewing this. I've heard the same from others and I plan on getting one.

  3. Thanks for the review, unsolicited. I might need one for my salads. I miss my horses. Urrrg. Love Bill's disclaimer. LMAO. Of course, anything Bionic Cowgirl golden. Love her opinion! Now what does she think of bee pollen for allergies? I take it. And local honey. Anything else she can suggest...and this pertains to humans. :)


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