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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hair Do/Don't

B-  Hey, buddy!  Sorry we haven't been down to visit you guys lately.  It's been pretty active up at the lodge and we haven't been able to get away.

R-  What do you need to get away from Beel?

B-  I mean we were just busy...
R-  It works good if you run away from things you need to get away from.

B-  I'm not sure that would be the right way to handle...

R-  Or kick them.  That works really good.

B-   I'm SURE that would be the wrong  way to handle our guests.  But we are here now.  Last time we dropped by we noticed that you guys had picked up a bunch of burrs in your manes and forelocks.  You look like "Alfalfa" and Jesse looks like "Trump".

R-  Alfalfa is good.  And tromping is another good way to get away from things that bother you.

B-  No...I mean... aarg.   Let's just get those burrs out of y'alls hair, okay?  Here's your halter so we can...

R-  Nope.

B-  Aww, come on buddy!  Stop walking away.  I'm just going to brush your hair.

R-  Nope.  When you put my head rope on my head you climb on my back and you are fat.

B-  Stop walking.  I am not fat.  I weigh within 5 pounds of what I weighed 16 years ago when I got you.

R-  Pounds bigger or pounds smaller?

B-  Quit walking away from me.  Five pounds more, but...

R-  Fat.

B-  I'm not fat, and I'm not even going to climb on you today.  I just want to brush your hair.

B-  Look, Jesse, Washoe and Henry are all in the holding pen waiting nicely, and I'm out here walking in circles...

R-  Walking is good for you.  It will make you less fat.


R-  Fat and mean.

B-  Oh, right.  you just let Juanita walk up to you and put her arms around your neck.

R-  Waneeta is not mean.  Or fat.  She is nice.

R-  Hello Beel.  It is a good day.  Do you have any treats for me?

B-  Jerk.  Walking off for 20 minutes.  What is wrong with you?

R-  Walking is also a good way to get away Beel.

B-  Jerk.


  1. Bwahaha! So awesome. Ranger is right always. He is like a smart Beel in animal form

  2. Ranger has a great perspective on life. :)

  3. Ranger is hilarious, and Jesse does look like Trump. LOL

  4. HA! Ranger is hilarious, and so smart. If you don't have Cowboy Magic try Baby oil. Takes longer for them to stick the second time. I hate burrs.


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