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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Halters

Last week we had 17 inches of snow and below zero temps.  This week we have a false spring with sunshine and temps in the low 60's.  Gotta love Colorado.

We needed to meet with a neighbor whose horse is with ours; vet check and brand inspector kind of stuff getting ready for an upcoming trip.  It seemed like a great day to try on new halters we got as Christmas presents.
Yes, she has her eyes closed, enjoying the sun while getting her tail brushed.  The halter is almost too small, which is really odd since every halter we have bought her is too large.  These are American Mustang halters; they must think these horses have smaller heads.  I can barely get it behind her cheekbone.  It is let out as far as possible.  Losing some of the winter hair will help.
I have no idea why Washoe is sticking his tongue out, although grooming is not his favorite idea of a way to spend time.  His halter fits better but is none too big.  I think the halters are really pretty on them.  Thank you GunDiva for the great gifts.
Ranger, however, did not get his picture with his as he declined putting it on.


Bionic Cowgirl


  1. They are not losing weight this winter, are they? Fatties! They look very relaxed and happy.

    1. They seldom lose weight in winter. My belief is it's partly because they are Mustang and their metabolisms slow down naturally in winter because in the wild they don't have as much to eat. The pastures we use have way TOOOO much for them. We will be watching them closely and pulling them off as soon as green sprouts show up. Last year they came home on Mar. 12.

      I like seeing the extra weight on Ranger; he's approaching 30 and is quite opinionated. Jesse has draft in her so carrying 1100# is not that big a deal; I'll try to drop her down 50# when she gets home. Right now she has huge amounts of hair - she fuzzes up like a polar bear. Washoe pretty much stays where he ought to be; he'll tone up nicely when we get him back on the trails. Right now they just get to play 'horse'.
      Bionic Cowgirl

  2. Ranger, you crabby old man, you should put your new clothes on.

  3. False spring? That's all you get. Now onto summer. Snork snork. Great photos! Love the Rangertude.


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