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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Again

Spring is beginning to show up here in the mountains of Colorado.  We are still getting some snow, but a couple days ago, it was mixed with some hail and some rain.  A good indication that we will soon be able to ride out mountain trails.

We have started to try to remove the extra layer of hair from our mustangs.  They are losing more hair than a middle age men's bowling league.  Wads of the stuff come off of them with the slightest touch.  Daily currying (is that how you spell the brush or the spice?) is causing mounds of fluff to drift around their corral.   The nesting birds will be ECSTATIC when they start construction.  Next year I'm going to save the stuff and start a side business selling horse-hair mattresses. 

And, just in case you have ever wondered which side of a horse has the most hair, I can tell you...

It's the outside.


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