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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Day in the Sun, i.e., Playtime

We have now had Alloy integrated into the herd for a couple of weeks; a necessity made by the weather gods.  We kept getting 6 - 12" dumps of snow, which made his little pen nearly impassible.  He was only being kept in it at night, anyway, so he wouldn't go wandering off over the now very short fences looking for human contact.  He is such a people horse!
Love this picture of Alloy and Bill.
Our outside water faucet froze so instead of stringing 125 ft. of hose to fill the heated water tank, we had to do some bucket patrol.  That's always fun!
After this picture was taken, we had another 8 in. of snow, so it came right up to the top rim of the tank.  We had to keep shoveling the path to it so the horses could get a drink without getting on their knees to reach the water when it would get lower.  To them, it was simpler to just eat snow according to Ranger.

We noticed the herd getting a little on the bored side, so we added some rocks to an empty milk jug and took it out for entertainment.  They loved to play with this at the 'cousins' house'.  Just like little children, the same toy was not interesting at home.
Alloy, who follows you around like a puppy dog.   "What's that?"
Jesse, who will wear anything, anywhere.
... and who will toss it back to you if you put it on her head.
Ranger - not impressed.

Don't be putting that on my butt!
Washoe, always glad to be helpful and point it out to you.

But what do you want me to do with it?
So maybe a little lesson time instead?  Such as how to properly stand still when someone is leaning on your back.
Alloy:  what are you doing?

Ranger:  he does this all the time.
Bill quickly learned it was best to spend time with Ranger whenever he spent time with Alloy, or there would be a price to pay.  I just laugh a lot because I've had that issue with my grays for 14 years now.

Bionic Cowgirl

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  1. Winter can get pretty boring. Hopefully things will thaw soon!


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