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Friday, February 2, 2018


One week ago today, we lost Juanita's mom to pneumonia.  She was 89 years old and was a polio survivor.  A major contributing factor to her death was the terror that "scammers" were threatening her with.

She had polio as a child, and I think that played a major role in making her a strong and self reliant woman.   She went through life looking at what she wanted, and then working hard to make it happen.  She was always a little "close" with her decisions, not willing to share or discuss what she was doing, until she was sure how it was going to turn out.

That made her the perfect target for scamming.

So many of America's elderly are living alone, and doing well.  Except for being a little lonely.  When the phone rings, they will answer and have nice long conversations with the "new friends" that call them.  Every day.  Soon they have given out a great deal of information  to these new "friends".  Soon these friends will have convinced them that their children are not to be trusted, and are trying to get their parent's money.  And speaking of money, here is a fool proof investment/method/lottery that for just a few thousand dollars will get you a return of MANY THOUSANDS of dollars.

You just have to pay the taxes in advance/make the investment/what ever.  Just DON'T TELL ANYONE!

About the time the elderly person figures out that they are being scammed, the tone of the calls changes.  "If you tell anyone, we will kill you and your children and your grandchildren."  "We will burn your house down."  And they do know where she lives because she told them when they were friends.

My mother in law was so afraid while she was in the hospital, she gave up the fight rather than risk going home.  They were going to kill her family.  She gave up and died.

I have no words.

It is time for our government to step up and help us protect our elders.

I would rather have "Homeland Security"  make our parents safe, than protect me from potential roofers and gardeners.

Most of the people I have talked to have stories like this about older folks in their families, to varying degrees.

It is time for a major campaign to end the silence and end the industry that has grown up around bilking our parents and grandparents out of their savings.  Mom lost over $80,000 and her sense of safety.  And then her life.

Ask your parents what is happening.  Check their caller ID logs.  If there are numbers you don't recognize, ask them who is calling.  Tell them what has happened to others.

Tell your story to others.


I miss her.



  1. I am so very sorry. How very horrible.:-(

  2. SO sorry for your loss. There's a special place in hell for people who take advantage of children and the elderly...

  3. My heartfelt condolences on your loss. We try to get information about how scammers worm their way in to someone's mind out to the elderly community, but sadly we cannot reach them all.

  4. I am horrified that happened to her!! Scammers take advantage of lots of people and they’re so good at it. My FIL was scammed out of a lot, too. We believe the stress of it killed him. The kids have all been trying to write in safety nets to their estates so it doesn’t happen to them when they older and vulnerable.

  5. So very sorry. This is really a serious issue that our government takes,too lightly and often has no jurisdiction. It angers me. These scammers do prey on the elderly and take everything...their money, pride, dignity, sense of security, and alienate them from friends and family. Happened,to my mother in law too. May your mom rest in peace. Give hugs to Juanita.

  6. I am so sorry and send you my sympathy. It is hard to lose parents and even harder seeing them scared. Those scammers should be horsewhipped and thrown in jail. I agree with you whole heartedly that this is an area of concern, not the illegals that are here doing jobs many don’t want to do. There should be a special place in hell for those who harm children and our elders. My mom too was subject to these scammers. Thankfully not much was lost as she was a suspicious sort. We also got her mail re-routed to family who would go through it and then put it in her mailbox as she fell prey to mail more easily.

  7. So sorry for your loss. And for her loss of personal security. These people that do this are just evil.

  8. So sorry, Juanita, My mom also had polio as a child and was determined to live without the stigma of being victim. She was determined to walk without a cane or a limp by the time she went off to college and she succeeded. She refused a wheelchair later in life for the same reasons. She became a victim of scammers too, but I caught it earlier and actually got most of the $30,000 stolen from her back. I miss seeing you guys every summer.


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