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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Cooking is a Blast

This morning I whipped a couple eggs in a bowl and "power-scrambled"  them  in the microwave.

I pulled them out, and set them on the counter.  As I turned around, I heard a loud "POP" and felt an impact and a burning sensation on the back of my neck.
I looked behind me and saw that the cooked eggs had exploded and blown cooked egg fragments all over that end of the kitchen.  On the counter top, on the cabinets, on the walls, on the window, and on the ceiling.  And of course on the back of my neck.

I think maybe I'll call workman's comp. and tell them I was injured in a kitchen eggs-plosion.

Or not.



  1. Well eggsactly why old fangled cheffing beats egg mangled new ways. You trying to be McDonalds? (Running and ducking) Glad you are ok. Thanks for eggsplaining why we should avoid microwaves. Not a cock and bull story.

  2. That is one mess I am glad I am not cleaning up...
    Hope your neck it okay!

  3. That’s crazy! 😱 but I have heard similar stories before, eggscept it was about boiled water, I think.


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