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Friday, August 31, 2018

Wrong Again

B-  Hey there Ranger!  How's my old horse today?


B-  Aw, come on buddy, you still not talking to me?

R-  No Beel.

B-  Look, Juanita usually gives you your night feeding, and I didn't know the routine.  At least I remembered to feed you.

R-  You did it wrong Beel.

B-  I said I was sorry.  Juanita had to take a neighbor's horse down the mountain to see it's vet.  The horse broke into the feed room  and ate beet pulp shreds and alfalfa cubes until it "choked", and the whole throat was packed with dried food right up to the top.  It took the vet and Juanita and the other gal 4 hours to clear the pack.  The horse still isn't out of the woods yet, but it looks hopeful.

R-  So that horse got to eat.

B-  Sorry-sorry-sorry.   With Juanita gone, I had to feed you in a hurry so I  could get back to the guests in the lodge.  You were only halfway through your beet pulp and senior feed after 10 minutes.  So I just dumped it on the mat for you to finish.  I hadn't realized it was Washoe's job to eat all of the food you leave behind on the mat...

R-  So the sick horse getted to eat.  The kid horse getted to eat.  And I only eated a little.
I telled Waneeta that Beel should not feed me wrong any more.

B-  Not real forgiving, are you buddy.

R-  You did it wrong Beel.

B-  Ummm, I have carrots...

R-  You did it right tonight Beel.

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