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Saturday, November 29, 2008

GRV - Photo Shoot

October 21, Day 10
We wake up excited, remembering we were going to be part of a “photo shoot” for the upcoming newer version of the Ghost Ranch’s website and brochure. We had been asked to participate in the riding portion and had been told to wear our finest in cowboy duds. OK, by now most of our clothing has seen better days on this trip, but you can hide a lot under chaps and a good hat. We started riding about mid-morning and finally hooked up with the photographer as he finished some of the early morning desert shots. He directed us to a location he had picked out on one of the creeks, and we did lots of riding up and down ditch banks in the Fall foliage and in the water following the creek. The colors of the trees were fantastic; the pictures should be phenomenal. Then he had us just play around trotting and standing in the alfalfa field in the center of the compound of cabins so he could get shots of the red cliffs and mountains in the background. We can hardly wait for the first of the year, when the new website appears.

When the photographer was done with us, we headed out for another long day of exploring. Elisa took us on the longest of the hiking trails, which curled way up above a huge box canyon. We made it to the last camp site and then explored even further on a “lost” trail. This trail was a longer version of our “goat trail” back home. Again, I was thankful we had really great horses under us. Ranger and Bill did have a minor spill on the way down. The trail just gave way under them on one of the steeper portions, but although Ranger went to his knees, he kept his head and climbed his way back onto the trail. Bill managed to stay on top of him. You just can’t beat a Mustang in the wild!

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