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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Flight for life

Last night a couple neighbors, father and son, were riding their dirt bikes (motorcycles). no lights, down the road from us and hit each other head on. They each ended up with major broken bones and flight for life was called in. When the choppers went over, I could hear Ranger saying "Oh no! It's a round-up!" and chasing the others around the corral. I went out and tossed a couple flakes of hay and he said "Oh... never mind" and ate quietly with the others during the return flyover. Chicken Little does Allenspark.



  1. allensparklodge.comJune 21, 2009 at 7:13 AM

    I'm with the horses, here. We ran to the the windows with our guests when the neighborhood ambulance came by, running with lights! Then a few minutes later we hear a chopper...and then another one. We know the sound of Flight for Life (really bad news), but two of them... Any wild horse rounded up by helicopter is going to not like the sound - poor Ranger. Jesse, on the other hand, will use any excuse to sail over the fence and go investigate, so I'm really glad Bill was there to rescue them with hay.

  2. There hasn't been that much excitement since the summer of 2000,when I decided to test the skills of the Allenspark fire department. I am guessing that they are still great. You have to love summer and tourists.


  3. Poor Ranger. Good save with the hay.


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