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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vet Check Day

Today, everyone got their yearly shots and well-vet-check. Dr. Flinchum showed up an hour early, so I didn't get a chance to "pretty them up" before he got here, but it's always better to have a vet that arrives early instead of late. The shots went remarkably well. Caught up Washoe first. Doc had brought his dad as a helper; dad had treats (the same ones we use occasionally)and Washoe had his shot before he even knew it. In fact, I'm not sure he ever did know he got a shot! After checking his teeth, we decided they would get floated next month, just to stay on top of it.

I tied Washoe to the rail and went to halter Jesse. What a rodeo! I was bringing the horses out through our small corner pen so we wouldn't bother the livery rides that were going out. The minute I got Jesse into the smaller pen, she raced to the fence, looked over to our parking lot and seeing the vet's truck, decided no way was she going. She's had a couple of bad experience's with shots and does not like her vet. After racing around the small pen several times at full speed, she finally decided I wasn't going to leave and let me halter her. She looked like a little kid resigning herself to the worst. After all that fuss, though, the shot went really well this time and maybe she won't remember it so badly next time. Doc said Jesse's teeth were great, and that's probably why she out-weighed all the others! She definitely needs to take off a few more pounds. We've been working on that for a month; the more weight I get off her, the more energy she gets and I can hardly keep up with her now.

Estes was next and took her shot like a champ. He said we should check her teeth for floating at the end of the summer. Finally, we get to Ranger, who is usually pretty good, but today there was just too much activity. Lots of noisy things going on just when we wanted him settled and doc had to rush a little, but all still went pretty well. He thought all the horses looked to be in good health and we had a fun chat.

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