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Monday, December 28, 2009

Gifts for us

We had some guests that have sent us several rubber duckies for our hot tub.  Cowboy ducks, surfer dude ducks, etc.  We just got a reindeer duck just before Christmas in the mail.  Upon opening the package, our 17 month old granddaughter latched on to it and ran off.  Fortunately, I've got better than 50 years experience and 150 pounds on her, so I got it wrested away from her.  It was a near thing. 

I also collect gargoyles, and a guest/friend found a "Horsegoyle" for our collection.  Cool.

 Thanks Darlene & Randy and Kai & Mike!


  1. Not to mention the ultra-cool gifts your kids gave you! WTH? We don't even get honorable mention? Though the duck and the horsegoyle are kind of cool. Leave it to Kai to find something like that.

  2. Na...y'all are family. You have to give us stuff. These folks just LIKE us!


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