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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Llama Drama

Juanita and I went for a couple hour bareback ride yesterday and headed to a trail head we hadn't been to this summer.  The aspen leaves are just starting to change in earnest, and even though we were heading down a dirt road, it was beautiful.

Juanita and Jesse seem to have the same look on their faces.
It's like they are waiting for me to fall off my horse while taking pictures, or something.

There was motion just off the road, and Ranger and Jesse went on alert.
                               "Look Beel!  What are they?"

                                         Those are llamas, Ranger

                                                 "I think they scare me, Beel."

                                                     "Let's leave, Beel."

                                     "Is this close enough, Beel?"

                                 "Look Beel!  The llammers are running away!"

                             "They all runned away from me!"

                                         Another llama.

                                          Hiya cutie!

                                       Ranger approaches.

                                     RUN AWAY!

"Wow Beel!  All of the llammers runned off!  I must be very brave and strong!"

Yes Ranger, you are.

"Beel, did you notice how ugly them llammers are?  Have you ever seed such goofy ears?"

 Umm, sometimes buddy.  On occasion.


PS-  I heard the "Llama Llama Duck" song all the way home.  I think Ranger was humming it.


  1. I love how he tilted his head to the side like he was perplexed that they runned away.

    Ranger is a big brave horse :)

    And you leave his ears alone, I love them.

  2. Well I'm glad you stayed on this time. Good boy Ranger! Them are some weird ears though.
    (don't tell Ranger I said that)

  3. I'm dying laughing!! Love those ears! Ranger is a brave boy. Juanita, she's ready to catch a good pic of you falling off. Smart girl, lol :) You two make me laugh!

  4. Nobody tells a story like you Beel... I mean Ranger.

    I love that you managed to get that close. My girl would have allowed me to pull her head around to her butt and still ran forward away from them scary things.

    We have an alpaca farm down the road... and every time we pass by, Mr. Daddy can't resist, "God has a sense of humor".

    Congrats on staying mounted! :)

  5. Not everyone can carry off curly ears. Just sayin.

    Beautiful ride. Just lovely.


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