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Sunday, September 25, 2011

We've Got a Shed!

Finally, after three years of begging, planning, scheming ....
So you want a shed?
Laying out 'the plan'

Load me up!

The three Musketeers?  Concentration....

The Kid worked building pole barns for a couple years, so when it comes to chopping off posts, he was the expert.

Moved to the corral - taking shape ...

What twist in the beam - I'll just put a little weight on it ...

The brothers ... have drills, will travel.

Bill's helping hand ....

Flatbed truck beds make great scaffolds ...

Looking great!!!!
An undercoat of paint, some slab siding and roofing material .... Voila!  Shed!!

The Queen Estes approved when she got to eat her hay in it the first night, right after the rain started.  The Mustangs were not so dually impressed.  They have finally decided it is OK in the corral...and quit snorting at it.


  1. *Wild Applause*! Great job! I want to see it all painted too. It's going to be perfect!

  2. Very awesome cool! It looks nice enough to be a guest room. Can I stay in there, next time? Haha kidding.About staying in there anyway.

  3. Perfect! I am glad Bill got to lend a "hand'.

  4. I could almost hear the mustangs snort, mine would do the same. We have a barn at the bottom of the ranch and a run in shed at the top and he rarely uses either. Goes against their genes or messes with their hearing or something.

    Nice job. I am sure the Queen will love it.


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