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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snow of the Day

Woke up to snow this morning.
About 16 inches.

Cold too.  About 22 degrees.
Cold horses.
Even their house looks cold.
Ours, too.



  1. I thought of you guys today when I heard there was a lot of snow up there. Nice to see the pics :)

  2. 29 this AM. Saw the first snowfall on the higher mountain tops, it remained there all day. Here we go again...

  3. I showed these to Dear Husband Beel, and he just sighed. He so wants to live up there!!

    So so beautiful!

  4. I does look very pretty but I'm not ready for it. Maybe the week of Christmas would be okay for me. LOL Fat chance of that happening here in upstate NY.

  5. That first horse pictured - Washoe? - looks so pissed! Poor thing. Pack 'em up and come visit Reno: our brutal nights-below-freezing cold snap has passed and tomorrow should be near 70 and sunny again.

  6. Oh my,can I come there? I wish! Still, fall is lovely here, and a bit more moderate,in NC! I can only hope we get a snow like that! It's not a given any more...

  7. Well, I have to ask...Did anyone go into that nice shed? From the looks of it, I'm guessing not. Silly horses.

    Breathtakingly beautiful! I am imagining a nice cozy fire too. hmmmm

  8. I hope you have your brass monkey well protected????

    just saying.....*snort*

  9. No WAYYY!!! It's too early for that. We were just talking about that happening here though. We've had 20 somethings every night, so all we need is a little precipitation and we'll be in that white stuff, too.

  10. It really is beautiful and we DO love's just that it seemed like a really s.h.o.r.t summer. That was Jesse looking so p*ssed; Washoe doesn't even know how. Beel was picking on her and Ranger was tired of being followed around with a camera, so he wouldn't hold still. They did actually use their new shed a bit, but they like colder weather. We do have one huge advantage by owning a lodge: we can walk back inside and decide between sitting in front of a wood fire or hitting the hot tub! Everyone is welcome...

  11. OmG. Keep it there. BRRRR.. Was 62 today.

  12. So is this the time of year where you let little kids come up too? Because that sure is gorgeous.

    But 16" overnight. Geez. Overachievers!

  13. I know you guys get lots of snow, but I still miss it, we hardly get any and all the kids want to do is go sledding!


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