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Friday, November 15, 2013

Just'a Ride

   Juanita and I finished getting the lodge ready for guests early in the day.  And the sun was out.  And there was minimal wind.  And we had a couple hours before check in.


   We grabbed the boys and threw bareback pads on them to keep our jeans clean.  And off we went.

   This time, we weren't looking for trail damage, just riding for the joy of it.  And the horses seemed to be enjoying it, too.  We saw a group of hikers way off in the distance, walking their llamas.  That was the only people we saw.  But after coming over a small rise in the trail, we surprised a herd (flock?) of a dozen or so big horn sheep by the trail.  Actually, they didn't seem surprised at all, we were the startled ones.

They were content to just watch us sort of out of the corner of their eyes and keep eating.
Herd of Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep
I think the horses were more interested in the sheep than the sheep were in us.

It was an odd and peaceful couple minutes, with just a little sound from the breeze.

We finally rode off, and finished our ride.

By God, I love it up here.



  1. Cool! Did you know that bighorn sheep are crazy difficult to rear in Zoo Tycoon?
    And llamas? I've just woken up and can't figure out if that is a joke or not....

    1. No joke. A neighboring ranch that caters to retreats for inner city kids, has almost a zoo - complete with llamas, goats, horses, etc. We saw a group of them ( 7 or 8) walking a llama and two smaller animals that looked like alpacas; pretty sure it wasn't baby llamas. They were headed on their trail for home and we didn't get too close, but Washoe alerted me to them. That was a first!

  2. It was almost like I was right there with both of you and it made me homesick for the cabin, now under snow. I'm looking forward to going on more "rides" with you guys to get my 'cabin fix'. May seems a long way off... :(

    1. It started snowing here within an hour of us getting home. We couldn't have timed it any better. We got an inch yesterday, which blew away in horrendous wind gusts, then started getting more snow today, currently sitting at 6 inches and still coming down, really fluffy stuff.

  3. That is cool, cool. You should love it up there. It's God's country and magnificent. I miss the mountains. At least I can live there in thought and see them through you two.

  4. I love seeing wildlife. You are so lucky,


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