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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Hats

B-    Come on gang!  It's time for your annual Christmas funny hat pictures!

B-   Juanita's got a nice Santa hat for you, Ranger.
R-   No Beel.  Make it go away.

B-   Look Ranger, it's an elf hat!  It's got funny ears just like you!

B-   See?  Juanita isn't scared.

R-   Waneeta can keep them.  I am leaving.

B-  Okay buddy, she's got some nice antlers?

R-  No Beel.  I will go away now.

B-   Watch, Ranger.  I'll put them on Jesse.

B-   Okay, so she didn't like it, but Washoe will wear them.

B-   Let's try this again, buddy.

R-   It is time for you to go away now Beel.

B-  Say, in a couple months we can try some bunny ears!


  1. So which is worse Ranger? Being kicked in the head when Beel does his fancy dismount, or being forced to wear reindeer hats?

    1. Having Beel as part of the herd is worse than it could be.

      Ranger. The horse.

  2. Poor horses. They look less than thrilled about your hats. And one wants to be poor Rudolph. Maybe they want Rudolph's treats...


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