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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Spring has Sprung

B-  So, Ranger.  What do you know about this?

R-  Go away now Beel.

B-  No, really, horse.  What do you know about this "electric fence gate spring coil" that is stretched to 10 times it's maximum length, the hook/handle is broken off and it was found lying  20 yards from the gate it was supposed to be hooked up to?

R-  That is a very dangerous snake-monster.  It bites.  You are holding it.  Go away now.

B-  This spring was installed less than a month ago.  It replaced the last one that got all stretched out of shape.  Which had replaced the one before THAT that got ruined.  I could never figure out who was destroying these things, until this time, I found a wad of brown and black tail hairs tangled up in it.

R-  It will bite you Beel.  And it will follow you and keep on biting you when you run away Beel.  Go away now.

B-  Both of your pasture mates are white horses.  Only you have brown and black hair.

R-  If you just stand near it it will attack you Beel.

B-  Maybe you should swish you tail just a little further away from the gate from now on?

R-  Maybe you should go away Beel.  It is mean.


  1. Love it. Murphy says bend it like Beckham.

  2. oh my poor Ranger! nothing worse than a metal electric snake!

  3. Poor Ranger, this must be a scarey thing to have your tail grabbed like that, that old electric snake is after horses with black brown tails I think.


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