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Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Good Week

B-  Nice ride today, Ranger.  You did very well, with no limping at all.

R-  I feel good Beel.

B-  We've gone out, what, four times this week?

R-  Many walks Beel.

B-  That's right.  More than two, is "many".

R-  Sometimes one is two many Beel.

B-  Yeah, yeah.  But you act like you're feeling good again.  We went out for three hours today, counting the picnic, and you were still trotting to get home.

R-  Home is good Beel.  Food is at home.  Water is at home. Standing in the shade is at home.  Not walking up the mountain is at home.

B-  Well, you haven't seemed to mind going out lately.  You don't run away (too much) when I show up with the halter.  That reminds me.  Why have you started walking away from me, rolling in the manure pile, and then coming back to me to get haltered before we go out?  It's really kind of annoying.

R-  Rolling feels good.

B-  But then I have to brush you, a  LOT, before I can saddle you.

R-  Brushing feels good.

B-  Well, just stop it.  Maybe I need to send you to a trainer like our daughter is doing with her horse.  It's learning lots of new things.  Like lowering her head to be haltered and walking nicely behind the person leading her.  You know.  Manners.

R-  Nope.  I do not need man-ers.  I am a horse.  I have good horsers.  That other mare must not know she is a horse.

B-  She knows she's a horse all right.  She's just a polite horse now.  She doesn't go out and roll in the dung when we walk up to catch her.

R-  That is sad.  Not a horse.

B-  SHE'S not sad.  She's happy that she knows what's expected of her.

B-  Maybe we should send you to a trainer.  For say, one lesson?

R-  Like I sayed earlier  Sometimes one is two many Beel.


  1. Happy 28!!! Today is our anniversary and it HAS been a good week. We have gotten a few rides in, topped off with a 3 hour today - in gorgeous weather and all the horses feeling good. A friend rode with us so we didn't even have to tow the third horse. Even had a short picnic - with Beel and Ranger having their very own 'photo session'

    Life is good.
    Bionic Cowgirl

  2. Ranger, you make me smile.
    (Great picture, too)

  3. I love this whole post. And I'm so glad you used your horsers with me when I got to ride you, silly Ranger!

  4. Ranger is quite the philosopher! I like his perspective. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  5. Wow. Congrats. I take it you are healing well.

  6. All of my equines have great horsers, too. Love it!! Happy Anniversary!! Another October one--great month to get married!

  7. Love your photography as usual, Bionic Cowgirl!

    And now that I have lived with a mustang for the last two years, I can honestly say that Ranger's friends are all peas in a pod. My mustang is a better watchdog then the 80 lb watchdog LOL.


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