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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Attack of the Killer Carrots

B-  Hey Ranger!  Come on over!  TREAT!!!

R-  Hello Beel.

B-  Here you go buddy, have a carrot.

R-  Nope.

B-  Now Ranger, you love carrots.  Take this.

R-  Nope.  They bite.

B-  Carrots do not bite.  They are tasty vegetables.  Not prone to attacking horses.

R-  They bite you.

B-  Ranger, our guest told me what happened.  She said she was trying to give you a carrot and you were standing in the mud, leaning against the metal feeder.  And she bumped the hot-wire.  And you got a shock when you touched the carrot.  It WASN'T the carrot biting you!

R-  Bite.

B-  Juanita says you will take one from her sometimes, and then think better of it and back away and not take any more.

R-  I forget.  Then I remember.  Not safe.  They bite.

B-  Juanita says you will take them from her if she goes into the pen with you.

R-  They do not bite in here.

B-  Okay, I'll climb in and give you a couple.  Here you go.  You are one odd duck, buddy.

R-  Bite me.


  1. Lol. Well duh he is a smart horse with an elephant memory. Reminds me of someone else...hmmm

  2. Ranger has a good memory and is a stubborn cuss!

  3. My mom and I get a real giggle out of these conversations with Ranger. You really should think of compiling them into a book or something.

  4. How many of us could learn from Ranger not to keep doing something that bites you. Hmmm?


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