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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Sleep-over

This is Ranger.  The horse.

Many sun-ups ago Beel and Waneeta wented and telled us the horses that we gotted a job to do.  We needed to teach some other horses how to walk outside.  This sounded strange to me.  Maybe the others were crazy like dogs and only ran outside.

B-  Now Ranger, it was only about 3 days ago, and we told you our daughter and her husband's horses had never been ridden in the mountains and we needed you guys to help them get over any fear out on the trails.  So we needed to introduce our herds to each other so we could ride together in the mountains later this fall.

Beel I am saying this story.   Not you.

B-  Sorry.  

Beel and Waneeta putted all us the horses in the rolling shed behind the stinky truck and  we wented to a different horse place.

I knowed some of the other horses.  We had eated and sleeped in the same place before.  But there was a new mare that was new.  She did try to kick me very hard.  So I wented away from her.  She did try again.  So I wented away again.  She did try again so I maked her stop.

B-  That was really amazing watching you, at about 30 years old, chase that  young mare around.  You were running backwards faster than I can run forward.  And kicking to boot!

Beel it would be better if you were quiet.

B-  Right.  My bad.

Then it was time to put That Mare in with the new herd.

B-  Yeah.  Jesse is the lead mare in our herd and she wasn't about to take any guff from


B-  Oops.

That Other Mare telled them all she was boss mare.  Again and again. A lot of times.  Then they sayed yes.

Then the kid wented in.  Most times The Kid is not smart and makes fights with everyhorse that is new.  This time he just breathed their air and walked away.  He did not fight them.  They did not fight him.  I think the new horses were tired of getting kicked on.

Then we the horses all eated and sleeped.  Then the dark came so we eated.  And sleeped.  Then the sun came back so we eated.  And sleeped.

One of the new horses scratched each other with That Mare.  I think he liked her.  He cried when we leaved at a later.

We getted back into the rolling shed and wented home.

B-  All  three of the horses in our daughters and her husbands herd were missing some patches of hair, or had dents from being kicked.  Not bad mind you, but every one of them.  There wasn't a mark on our herd.  I think you guys are better fighters.  Or just mean.  Herd merging should be much less exciting  next time.  The hierarchy has been set.  Trail rides are eminent!

You were very wrong Beel.  The other horses walked just fine outside.  They only runned when chasing was happening.

The chicken birds there did not walk to good though.

Ranger.  The horse.




  1. Oh I think I peed my pants from laughing so hard. Thank you Ranger. the . Horse

  2. Sounds like an interesting day.

  3. The pecking order has been set. Yood job Ranger.


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