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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Leaving Their Mark on the World

We went for a wonderful late fall ride yesterday.  Juanita was on Washoe and I was on Ranger ponying Jesse.  The ride was wonderful.  The temperatures  have been well above normal this fall and yesterday was no exception.

We wore orange as one or another of the hunting seasons is still in swing, and I ride an elk colored horse.

The road in front of the lodge has been under construction/repair/remanufacture for the last three+ months.  New culverts, new drainage ditches, new bridges. 

And as of yesterday, new pavement. 

We took our horses out for a hour and a half, and when we got home, the second half of our road had been done.

The "steam roller" had already pressed the pavement a couple of times, so maybe the pavement was well packed.  Maybe.  

So Juanita and I thought "Let's do it!" and we crossed the road on our horses to get home.

 Ummm, horse tracks.

 In the pavement.

We felt really bad.  Really.

And we giggled like a couple 6 year olds.

They ran the roller over that stretch a couple more times and the tracks mostly disappeared.




  1. LOL. They should have left the tracks in to wake up sleeping and drunk drivers.

  2. Nice marks in the road! It's another way of marking a horse crossing. How is it that you're having above normal temps? I'm pretty sure Noah was wrong with his time and the big flood is happening now--here--at our place. 5.41' is the October record in Spokane and we were at 4.35" yesterday before a huge deluge.


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