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Saturday, October 15, 2016

October Ride

B-  Hey Ranger!  You wanna go for a ride?

R-  No Beel.  You make me tired.

B-  Okay, how 'bout you carry the granddaughter instead of me, and I'll ride Washoe.

R-  That would be good Beel.  She is not fat.

B-  Great! Then we...wait.  Are you saying I'm fat?

R-  Like a moose.

B-  You are just getting old.

R-  And you are mean like a moose too.  I heared one of the peoples call one of the moose monsters  Beel-winkel on this morning.

B-  "Bullwinkle".  And careful, that would make you the squirrel.

B-   So, this would be a good time to try the new device on Washoe.  He has a REAL eating disorder,  JCS syndrome.   Just. Can't. Stop.  So he gets a "NibbleNot" on his halter.

R-  You sayed it looked like some lawn-jer-hay on his face.  I do not know what that is.

B-  Lingerie.  It looks like he stuck his head in a laundry basket and came out with a nose thong.

R-  He looks strange.

B-  Let's see if it works.  

B-  Nothing to eat here

B-  Nope, can't get a bite!

B-  Still nope.

B-  Ha! Nothing!

B-  So sad.

B-  Why bother.

R-  I know the rule about no eating when I am doing work.
B-  Wait a minute!  What's that?

R-  She sayed I could.

B-  She just didn't say no fast enough and you forgot what you were doing.  Squirrel.

R-  Moose.


  1. So funny! Beel-Winkle. Where do you come up with this stuff?


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