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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Coming To Terms

B-  Hey Ranger! How's the old horse doing?

R-  I am good today Beel.

B-  Wonderful!  You are talking to me again.  You've been giving me the cold shoulder for the last few days.  I walk up to talk and you walk away.  Hey!  Where are you going?

R-  I forgotted.  I am going away now.

B-  Come on buddy, let's talk about this.  It's about the new horse, Alloy, isn't it?


B-  Aw, for crying out loud.  He'll never replace you.  You are the horse.  How about a nice head scratch?

R-  That has good feels Beel.  More would be more good.

B-  Okay pal.  Just for you.  (Scratch) So how is Alloy doing hanging out with y'all?  Is he behaving?

R-  He is not very bad.  But he eats my food.  We will run out.  There is always just barely enough.

B-  (Scratch scratch)  Trust me my fuzzy friend, we'll put in more food so you all get enough.(Scratch scratch)  Alloy won't eat it all.

R-  Al-fred eats some and that is too much.

B- Alloy.

R-  What ever.

B-  Any other problems with him or the other two horses?  (Scratch scratch)

R-  That Mare and The Kid do not want him to eat their food.  So sometimes they chase An-noy.

B-  Alloy.

R-  What ever.

B-  (Scratch)  Any other complaints?

R-  He is kind of jumpy when we try to bite him.  It is hard to bite Al-arm like he needs.

B-  Alloy.

R-  What ever.

B-  Other problems?  (Scratch)

R-  He does not follow the rules very good.  He runs away over the fence and down the road.  That is very bad.  I telled him "You should not do that Al-po".

B-  Alpo.   Funny you should call him that.

R-  What ever.

B-  (Scratch scratch)  Well, how about a quick ride around the corral bare-back, Ranger?

R-  Okay.  Say Beel.  Al-ong is following us around the yard.

B-  Alloy.  I think he's a little jealous.

R-  What ever.  I am not ever jell-loose.  Because you are my people.

B-  That's right.  Whatever you say, buddy.  What ever.


  1. Awww..sounds like Alloy has given you a "run" for your money! Lol. Poor Ranger. I'm glad you're spending extra time with your old buddy!

  2. Heart heart heart. Love this! Poor Ranger. He doesn't know he is fat, does he? Bless his heart.


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