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Thursday, March 5, 2009

February 22nd Horse Therapy

Sunday Feb. 22, 2009

The day is sunny and bright; Bill & I decide we need a horse-fix, so we drive 20 miles down the mountain to the pasture our horses have been moved to. Our four are now residing with Ida’s eight, making a very happy, frolicking band of 12. The majority of these are extremely people-friendly, so heads come up when they hear our truck coming up the dirt road; watching intently to see if we will turn in. By the time we come to a stop, they have started walking our way. By the time we climb through the fence, they are running full speed, vying for first man position, to get to us. What a heart throb! (It can also take your breath away realizing you are standing in empty space while a herd of 12 races at you!) They politely stop a few paces away and advance poking with their noses, hoping we have brought goodies.

We hold up halters and my two grays nose wrestle to see who gets to put their’s on first, but Ranger and Estes decide if they don’t get treats first, they are “outta here”. Off they go to the far end of the pasture. Bill graciously brushes Jesse and I give Washoe a good scrubbing, then good scratches all around for the rest. Ranger and Estes have stayed obstinate about coming closer, so they don’t get scratched, rubbed or treated. We only had a short time, so we left them standing alone, while the others followed us back to the truck. It was still a great horse break!

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