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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mud Bugs

This is Tel, and I promised Mom that I'd write a little blurb on her horses since both Bill and I completely ignored them when we posted our blogs.

So...Jesse and Washoe were turds, as usual. Actually, they were pretty good mutts on Tuesday and other than trying to chase down Ida's truck while she was dragging the field, went about their own business while Bill and I worked with Ranger and Estes.

Wait...I lied. Jesse did help herself to a couple of mouthfuls of horse candy while Bill and I were talking to Ida.

After we'd turned our horses loose and headed back to our cars, Bill and I stopped to watch the herd playing in the pasture. It was a wonderfully warm, spring-like day and the horses were feeling it. Once they knew they were really "free" from us, they ran around like colts, kicking up their heels and bucking down by the water hole. Suddenly, we realized that there were too many dark-colored horses and not enough greys. Hmmm...mud and Jesse...not too hard to figure out, but what was baffling was that Washoe was right along beside her - he hates the water and mud in his little toes! They had apparently waded into the water hole, which was full of mud, up to their bellies before coming out to roll and play. They looked like chocolate-dipped horses; grey on top and black, sticky mud from mid-body down.

The thought that ran through both of our minds was, "glad I don't have to brush them out!"

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