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Sunday, March 29, 2009

We had a foot of snow a couple days ago and haven't worked with the horses much since, so today I thought about some of the things I have learned about horses in the last few years...

Most horses don't want to be the boss, unless they think everyone else is inept.

Horses are born destined to die at a certain time and place, and they spend their whole lives looking for it.

Most vets feel a horse is 4 legs and a gut.

Horses are truly paranoid.

Horses will bring out the best or the worst in someone.

Horses are tickled when they finally "get it".

Horses are tickled when you finally "get it".

Horses are not dogs, cats, or people. They are horses. Period.

When a horse is getting ready to bite or kick the snot out of another horse, they show the whites of their eyes, pin there ears back and bare their teeth. Think about that the next time you walk up to a horse with your eyes bright and a smile on your face...

A horse has a tongue that weighs more than his brain.

A horse will do things for you if he trusts you, and to you if he doesn't.

I like horses.



  1. Wait, you forgot one...

    Horses are not dance partners :)

  2. Juanita has a friend with a horse that makes an AMAZING dance partner! I think they are working on the 2 step now.


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