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Saturday, September 26, 2009

You call THIS breakfast?

I went out to feed this morning...on a bright, gloriously sunny day.  As usual I was getting the normal sing-song of horse vocals and stompings as I pull a bale of hay from the shed and toss it in the feeder.  It was really nice grass hay from the new load we brought up a couple of days ago.  Soon I realize I must have done something terribly wrong.  Nobody wants to eat; a lot of snuffling and shoving of the hay; a lot of shoving and pushing around the feeder.  I put some hay in Estes' feeder in the small pen; she quickly inspects it and actually tries to follow me back out of the pen!  On the way out, I come face to face with Ranger trying to get into her pen (never before has this happened) - to see if her food looked like their food.  OK, what's wrong here?  I crawl back out of the small pen, walk over to look more closely at the hay in the main feeder.  By this time, Jesse has pushed everybody back and personally inspected every flake of hay.  I soon realize it's not what I see; it's what I don't see.  Not a speck of alfalfa in the whole bale! They had gotten used to the first cutting of hay from a mixed field and now that we had some straight grass hay, they were being snobs about it.  By the reproachful look on Jesse's face, you would have thought I had personally picked every single little alfalfa leaf out.  I shamelessly bid them a good morning and walked away.

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