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Friday, February 19, 2010

Mud, Play and Happy Birthday

After the mud bath, the horses feel particularly feisty.  Ranger and Cannon, in particular, were antagonizing each other.  We suspect that Cannon, being the youngest, and Ranger, being the oldest, of the geldings, were doing a bit of vying for top dog.  Our cameras weren't quick enough to get really great shots, but anyone who knows horse posturing can see the signs:  ears pinned, butt muscles bunched from backing into each other.

Got this picture of Cannon kicking out, but Ranger didn't make the picture.  Ranger is still main male boss; when he backs up to an opponent, he tosses a kick, then whirls and goes after them with the snaky head dance.  The others know to make a quick exit and get out of the way then.
You can't see Ranger's ears here, but they are flattened backwards.  He's figuring just how to keep this kid separated from the herd.  In the next photo, he's moving Peanut out of our space.  The funny part is, in between chasing away the other guys, he would come up to one of us with the ears up, and happy, like it was just all in a spring day's work.

Jesse got in on the act once, rearing and biting at Washoe.  That was the only rearing done - by the mare in the herd.  She just can't get past the tomboy stage, but I love to see that agility and balance.

I also need to wish our youngest a happy birthday.  He's the big 3 0 today.  I don't know which makes me feel older, the 30 year old kid or the 18 year old grandkid.  But life is good when you can still play on the mountain with the horses!

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