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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Working on Those Tush Muscles

Just read my daughter's blog, over on 'Tales from the Trail' and the ensuing comment was priceless; much too good for just another comment.  You see, when my daughter's horse darted and spun, I was envisioning a good laugh at seeing her sitting in the dust, as that's where I ended up when Jesse practiced one of her spins in our corral, bareback.  So my only conclusion can be either a) my horse spins faster than her horse, or b) my tush muscles need some work, because I did not grab nearly enough horse-hide!  Reality is, as much as I love my Jesse horse, Estes doesn't do a pretty show ring spin; she does the 'get the h*ll out of the way' spin.  She probably learned it in her dozen or so years of open range cattle work.  You don't learn that expertise in any show ring; you gotta have those pointy steer horns getting a tad close to learn that.  I was pretty proud of my kid for staying on board.  Back to the exercise machine......

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  1. See? I knew you'd just want to laugh when I took a dirt bath. Of course, when I heard about Jesse dumping you, I had a visual of Wyle Coyote and the Roadrunner!


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