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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring is in the (h)air!

A couple of days ago we checked on the horses again.  They were on the farthest pasture away, up where the skies were blue.  As usual, they were having a good time and came a runnin'.

As they got closer, it quickly became obvious what they had  been up to.....MUD.

In the winter, the ground is too frozen to stick to you, so this must be SPRING!!!!

I had wondered why Washoe wasn't in the lead, as usual.  Look out, here he comes...and talk about disgruntled!  He's usually my clean, clean, clean horse and he appeared rather chagrined that I had caught him, well, not quite at his best.
So, let's take a photo op here to introduce you to the herd - not at their finest.  If you click on the pictures to enlarge them, you can really laugh.
This is Cannon, enjoying the fresh sprouts coming up through the grass.

Peanut, who also is usually very clean, and also was not in the front running to greet us as usual.

Little Dutch, who looks light  a boxer just leaving the ring with a knot above his left eye.  Bill likes this next shot better; says he looks smug, with his tongue out.  He must have won the round.

This is a great shot of Brownie, however there is no way you are going to see any mud on him.  He seems to have perfected the art of skimming, so it doesn't stick to you - or he's just the color of the mud.
Can't forget the RangeMan.  Mister Ranger is a pro in the mud beds.  Does he not look like a true range Mustang?  Even his freeze brand is showing, but check out the mane.  This was a good rub!
Hang in there, only a couple more.  I don't have a pic of Doc, who stayed to the outside, sort of out of picture range; probably because he was sparkling clean.  Speaking of clean, here is the Wart Hog Diva, the real pro of mud bathing.  She who will look up a muddy spot to rear and pounce in to make sure the whole undercarriage gets covered.  Where's her mud?  I still can't believe she's this clean.
Now, compare my two horses....Jesse, the Wart Hog on the right; Washoe, the male prima dona on the left.
This last shot is just because it's my favorite.  Bill and Ranger are truly buds.


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  1. And that's why I'll never willingly own a white horse.


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