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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Only His Hairdresser Knows, Fer Sure

This time of year, the lodge is only open on weekends, so Juanita and I have time to do things together.  We go for rides on our horses, go to town to go shopping, go to our dentist and doctor appointments, etc.  A couple days ago we went to the laundry mat to wash a bunch of comforters.  Next door to the laundry was one of those chain-hair-cutting places, though not the chain I usually go to.  My usual hair-cutting place has a computer network that tells the stylist how I like my hair. This is important, as I lack the communication skills necessary to let the stylist know how I should look when they are done with my head.

"How do you normally brush you hair?" she asked. 
"I just brush it straight back."  I replied. 
"Umm... I don't think there is enough left to do that with now." was her response. "Would you like to buy some gel?"

This morning I looked into the mirror and said "My head looks like an unwatered, dead Chia Pet."   Brown and gray stubble growing out of a clay head. Nice.  Fortunately, it only adds to my image as a man of mystery.
"Why do you suppose he did THAT to his head?"



  1. I like my Chia pet; it's actually kinda cute.

  2. Hey you'd be surprised Bill- LOTS of ladies like their men with a hair cut like that! Unless you have a pointed head that is.... ;)

  3. Bill, God invented hats for a He don't have to look at the tops of our deforesting heads.

  4. Bill, I am dying here....LOL

    I just got my hair cut the other night.
    When she asked how I wanted it, I said, just give me an old mans hair cut.
    I have slayed all my dragons and all I have left are a few itty Bitty lizards....
    She asked if I wanted a 1 or 2, my response was I prefer 10's but as I have a 12 (Rach). I wasn't sure what she meant....
    I went with the 2, and whooza, I think I have a pointed head....

    Sorry Rach.....

  5. Oh my gosh - the post was funny, and the comments have me rolling.

    I can't quite picture the chia pet look, but I can tell you that the 12-year old tattooed chich who "deforested" Mr. Daddy left him with a rather confusing style.

    I agree with the hats comment some days! (For me!)

    Excuse me, I must go give Mr. Daddy a kiss for that "12" comment.

    Oh, after I tell you that your word verification is "butesms". That has got to be good for something???


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