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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cliff Notes of Our 2010 Vacation

To make a long story short (Have you ever noticed if you hear that, it NEVER happens?)

We got ready to go on our vacation.  I changed a half dozen washers in faucets to stop them from leaking.  I changed the flapper in one toilet and the fill valve in another to stop their leaking.

We went to visit our friends in southern Arizona, Bucky, Andrea and their kid Jake a couple days before Thanksgiving. His toilet was running.  I fiddled with the fill valve.

We went to visit our son and his crew in Surprise Arizona (just north of Phoenix) and stayed in the campground outside town (White Tanks).  Never did get that shower in the camp ground to shut off.

Really liked the light switch in the shower house.  Sometimes you just need a reason.

We stopped by in Albuquerque to visit my sister and her boyfriend and see the house they have just purchased (WOW! Nice!).

We went back home for a couple of days and fixed the broken pipes that had frozen during the cold snap we missed while we were in Arizona.

We picked up a couple of friends and went to Utah to see a couple National Parks, Arches and Zion.

We drove over to the Boulder Dam to see the new bridge that was put in so everyone wouldn't need to drive over the dam.

We drove over the dam anyways.

 Water level is down in Lake Mead.  Must be leaking.

We went to Las Vegas to see the first half of the National Finals Rodeo.

We stayed in a motel rather than a casino so we wouldn't have to walk miles just to get to our car. The toilet was gurgling when we walked in.  When I test-flushed it, it overflowed.  I called the office.  They replied "So do you need a plunger or what?"

I went to the office for a plunger.

We went to the rodeos and did assorted touristy stuff for the rest of the week.

 Water spraying all over down there at the Belagio.  Probably a broken pipe or something.

We came home and worked on the water heater that had sprung a leak while we were in Nevada.

Juanita will have to give details on the actual vacation.  I'm spending my time listening for dripping sounds, and checking to make sure my pants are completely pulled up.

I seem to have developed a twitch.

I REALLY don't like plumbing.



  1. I can't believe he forgot the last fountains, in Sam's Town, where all the cowboys meet to get their respective buckles of the night after the rodeo. They had a wonderful scenario done, complete with mini-waterfall and fountains, colored lights and mechanical animals dancing to Christmas songs. Poor Bill just couldn't get away from water this vacation!

  2. You've had your lifetime quota of broken pipes now! That's just unfair. :( And they sure don't provide you with much service do they? Here's your plunger!

    Sounds like you might need a vacation from your vacation!

  3. When it rains, it... will eventually leak. Thanks for the laugh. mark

  4. did you attempt to put a flapper on the damn at lake mead????? *snicker*

    just saying...

  5. GunDiva is only rubbing it in because she's still good and PO'd about being left out of the Rodeo party, right? Or is it because y'all wouldn't let her have some peace and quiet? hee hee... still waiting for that story!

    And Bill, I feel for ya mister. I really do. But you had me laughing out loud this whole post.

  6. Ha ha! Love it. Made me laugh with tears in my eyes. Must be a leak or something.


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