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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last of Vegas

We don't get out much.  Still talking about our vacation a couple weeks ago.  Time to put this puppy to bed.

We did fun stuff.

We ate well.

 I think this is some sort of red mutant cockroach out of the cryptobiotic dust.

We were in "Cowboy Christmas", one of the larger shopping gatherings during the rodeo national finals, when we saw this display.

Bullet and Trigger.  Roy Rogers' faithful sidekicks.

While looking at the display, a younger women asked "Who is Roy Rogers?"

Words fail me.  I am old.  Oh My Goodness, I named my mustang "Ranger" because we bought him the day Clayton Moore died (okay, for you children, he played the Lone Ranger on over half of the TV shows) and I thought "Clayton" would be a stupid name for a horse. 

Who is Roy Rogers?  Gene Autry?  Hopalong Cassidy?

How about- Who is 50 Scent? Enema (or is it Eminem)? Snoop Doggy?  Assalt and Pepper?

I am old now.

I remember, years ago I heard Roy had Bullet stuffed after he passed away.  Roy had Trigger stuffed after he passed away.  I remember thinking "Man, I hope Roy dies before Dale...". 

If you get that, congratulations. You are old, too.

Happy Trails.



  1. Okay - am I the only one that is slightly creeped out by taxidermy? Even of famous actor/pets?

    Though I do love Roy & Dale Rogers.

    And darnit if the Lone Ranger wasn't before the days of captioning...

  2. Oh Dammit Bill-- you just made me realize-- I AM A RELIC TOO!

    Now THATS a fine howdoyado! ;)

    Hey-- wait-- No shots of Triggers hooves for me? What were you THINKING man??

    (Dear Husband says please smooch Sophie from

  3. "red mutant cockroach out of the cryptobiotic dust" Is it only me, or does that sound disgusting??? I hate cockroaches more than any bug living!! :/ If that's what they're serving in Vegas, it should stay in Vegas!

    I grew up on Lone Ranger reruns, but we'd all sit and watch them then jump up, grab our fake guns and reenact it. And when I was a kid my parents took me to the Roy Rogers museum. Good times--I wish someone would bring back the Westerns.

  4. Rachel- Sometimes we get calls from people asking if we decorate with "dead animals". We are in Boulder County, so that is not unexpected. We don't 'cause they creep me out, too.

    Mrs Mom- My bad on the hoof pics. Didn't even think about it. And just yesterday, helping a neighbor move, I grabbed a 4 foot diameter African drum that used a zebra skin drum head and had 3 zebra legs complete with hooves as a stand. Didn't get any shots of them, either. Ick.

    Linda- They told me they were some sort of crayfish, but you can't fool me. I know bugs. I have a friend in AZ that has a DVD set of all the old "Palidin" (Have Gun Will Travel) shows. Beats the heck out of the "First Season of Married With Children" or anything like that.

  5. I, too, am so glad that Roy died before Dale.

    And I'm old, which means that you, Bill, are basically older than Methuslah. I remember watching Lone Ranger at Great Grandma Wheeler's when I was a young 'un.

  6. Yay Trigger!

    So, whatever happened to Randolph Scott? ;)

  7. HA! I know all the old and the new. What does that make me? LOL

  8. Snorting with laughter here... Enema?!! oh goodness. But I can't believe she didn't know who Roy Rogers was!!! How is that possible?!
    Yep, I've been saying I'm old. Thanks for the confirmation :)


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