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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Unsolicited Testimonial

It's been a while since we have  seen our horses on the mountain side, so there haven't been any horse related posts lately.  Grumble grumble.

I got this email from our 4th grade grandson yesterday...

Subject:   hi I have a 5 paragraph S.A for you to put on your website. from kyzzer

Allen's Park Lodge B&B

If looking for a lodge to stay in,I would recommend Allen's Park Lodge In Allen's Park Colorado because it feels like home.One way to have a relaxing time is by going in to the hot tub.When you get out you can eat delicious foods.the next morning you can sleep in your 
comfortable room.
              The food is great because they make it homemade.The break fast they make includes French toast,sliced potatoes, and coffee.When my grandpa makes the potatoes he cuts them in to little pieces.Additionally, after a great meal like that you are going  to want to relax.                   
                    When you want to relax you can go in the hot tub, watch a movie, or read.On a cold day in the mountains you can go in the hot tub and relax.Once you are don with the world, you can curl up on the worm couch and watch a movie. If you want to read you can go to the library and sit by the fire and read.Additionally, after you are done with the movie, you are going to want to go to your room.
                 The rooms are very comfortable and quiet.When you get in bed you fall in to lala land because they are so comfortable.The rooms are so quiet you forget that anyone is there.Clearly going in to your room is nice and relaxing.
                       The food,the ways to relax, and the rooms are going to make you want to come back.Every time you come in they are going to greet you at the door.With out a doubt, if you are looking for a relaxing,fun filled place, Allen's park Lodge is the way to go.        
Some posts just sort of write themselves.

(Oh yeah, and we have a hot tub, too)


  1. Oh yeah, and Kyzzer and his mom do read the comments, so be nice...


  2. Gotta love the hot tub. It is always my fav too! Nice Job.

  3. The hot tub? It's for relaxing?

    Well done, Kyzzer.

  4. LOL-I think Kyzzer likes the hot tub.

    The rest of it, he is spot on. Every nice thing he said about you guys is true.

  5. Are there discounts for writing good reviews Bill????LOL

    If not, I don't have a reliable source for Cryptobyotic dust, but I could substitute some effervescent Mnt. Saint Helen's ash....

  6. Hot dog Kyzzer! Excellent review of an outstanding facility! (With a hot tub!)

    He's right though-- it is THE place to go for a great meal with tiny taters, warm relaxing atmosphere and amazingly comfortable rooms. I can't wait to come back!!!

    PS- Dear Husband says give Sophie a belly rub from him please!

  7. My sentiments exactly...that little dude is one smart cookie. Love it!

  8. I love it! And every single word is true. Except MY grandpa isn't the one cutting the potatoes little for me... :)


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