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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feeding Hay?

I called Ida a few days ago, wondering where the horses were.  I left her a VM with an update about  my recent surgery, and a request about horse location.  Last night, the call came in from her.  I had to fess up that the call was precipitated by the sight of truck tracks down where the horses occasionally greet us, and tracks leading back onto the mountain.  We were driving by at a clip too fast to discern type of tracks...human or horse or cow.  I was in hopes she had located the lost wanderers behind their ranch buildings and relocated them to their proper mountain site.  No such luck.  She had, indeed, put her two precious fillies and Paint there, in  hopes of them locating the rest of the herd, but after she had to deliver hay to them during the last snow, she decided to pick them up and take them back to the ranch site.  Mind you, there was plenty of pasture, but no Mustangs to make them go look.  So....we still don't know for sure where the guys are, but it's getting narrowed down and beginning to look like we will be bringing them home around April 1.  That's early, but they will just have to tough out the last of our spring snow storms!


  1. Oh, I miss my girl! I think I can handle her coming home a little early.

    That weekend, though, is our first 9HF and I can't go help bring them home.

  2. Did I miss a post? How long have they been gone? How many acres do they run on? Is this normal?

  3. I would go nuts if I couldn't look out my back window and see my girl! I cannot imagine not being sure where my baby is at! Hope you find those renegades soon!

  4. I can totally feel your pain missing the horses. THe boys and I have been lucky enough to be able to spend some time with a borrowed pony, and every time we go I think of you guys, way out there, temporarily horse-less. Be great to bring them home and get your equi-fix in!! ;)

  5. Juanita,
    just another point in the quad vrs. equine discussion. I can go out to the garage right now an pet my quad... Granted I will never be met with a nicker or head toss, but I DO know right where its at....

    just saying....LOL

    hope you find them soon....

  6. Oh jeepers! They went on a winter adventure, didn't they? They should always tell their parents their travel plans...silly horses.


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