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Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Foot Cleaning

We just spent a wonderful few minutes out in the sunshine, brushing pounds of hair off the horses, cleaning hooves and just enjoying the company.  It's in the 60s out there, so even with our 30 mph wind, it's terrific to be able to be outside and collect all the smooches and hugs; just hanging out with the guys.  I think they are enjoying being home.  Jesse's head was down low, both eyes closed and back leg cocked while I was brushing her.  Talk about the spa-head!  While I was cleaning Jesse's feet, Washoe was resting his head on my back; if he was a cat he would have been purring.  Bill called to me; when I looked over, Ranger was all stretched out letting Bill get to all the itchy places.

Eli thought this a great time to be at his favorite place at the large hay bale.  He finally quit eating long enough for me to pick out his feet.  He's great with his front feet, but he lets the full weight of the back foot hang in your hand...and it's a heavy foot! (...or maybe I'm still a weakling)  Estes stood nicely, and although her feet are really long, they seem to be in good shape.  I wanted to get a good look at all of them as our regular farrier is coming Monday for their yearly look-over and shaping.  Mrs. Mom, I was muttering at Jesse about her not being that good for you when you were here.  I should have taken some pictures for you, but we were so excited we forgot the camera.  Oh well, horses!

My turn to go purr,


  1. Did you save all those pounds of hair for GunDiva?????

    I guess it's nice to be out horsin around.... :o)

  2. Ahhhh horses!! Nothing like pony time to make the heart SING is there? Glad you are able to get your fill of horse-time now.

    Sweet horse hair filled dreams for tonight and until winter!!

  3. 60's? Really? We haven't seen it that high yet, but we don't have any snow.

    Sounds like a wonderful first day with the horses.


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