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Friday, April 1, 2011

Pictures Tell It All

Hey, look what just pulled up.  Are we going home????  Jesse & Washoe never miss a trailer.

We arrived a little earlier than planned, since it can take a little 'persuasion' to catch Ranger some times and GunDiva had a schedule to keep.  Bill decided to start on the Ranger task...

Ranger's thoughts on the subject!

The two year olds - Dakota & Digger - think it is safer to stand on the hill and watch.

The 'bad dog' - Andromeda - loves to be the irritant.  Would you look at those ears, er, lack of?  They are laid so flat on her head you can't even see them!

Eli, with Estes behind him, decided to watch from the hill also.

Washoe picked a corner to watch from....

Nope!  Not ready yet.

By this time, we decided to load the grays in our trailer, before dufus Ranger could get everybody riled up.  Plus, sometimes it helps to just ignore Ranger.  Hey, where did all the attention go?
Mr. Easy-to-catch Washoe practically puts the halter on himself.

It's nice when they want to go with you.

Jesse, made her normal once around the corral and stopped on the poop pile and waited, because you know you are supposed to do that before you leave the corral.  Notice Ranger watching in the background.  Where is everybody going?

Eli, still watching from his mound....

and now waiting at the gate for Bill.

Just got all the grays in the trailer, shut the door and GunDiva pulls in.

Round Two.  Starting over.

Holding the gate.

In the mean time, GunDiva had walked up to Estes at the far end of the corral and calmly walked her out of this gate.  However, the rest of the herd wanted to go also.  Try holding back 6000# of horse - good thing they are well behaved and at a quick word they all quit shoving on it - or I might have needed another new set of hips!
OK, let's go home.  After about three more rounds of the corral, even Ranger was ready to go.  He didn't even break a sweat!

What the....?  You want me where?

OK, I can do this.

Pretty in purple.  Estes says, "Finally...."

Loading up....
All told, it took us 23 minutes to catch and load up our crew of five.  It just seemed a little longer.

A short stop at the base of the canyon to make sure all is well...and RCC's truck is a bit of a stretch for GunDiva, but she makes it look easy (what with all her working out lately).
Back to the land of the snow.  That's our mountains, home to the crew.

Pulling into the livery...almost home!

We're home.  Anyone for snow angels/pegasus wings?
This is the last bit of snow at the top of the corral, thanks to the last few days of wind.  I just came back from checking on them, and helping Bill tarp another of the big bales, and I got the most wonderful huge hug from my Jesse!  Of course, Washoe and Eli had to get in on it, too, but Estes only wanted a little pet.



  1. HOLY SMOKES... those pinned ears are pretty extreme!

    So glad they were a pretty easy crew! Especially for our bionic cowgirl and that gate!

    Congrats on having them home!!

  2. They look great! I bet you and they are very glad to be home. Great job loading the trailer so fast. You are all awesome wranglers

  3. I can relate to the Ranger thing because when Beautiful's in with the herd she's hard to catch, too--the wild comes out!

    How awesome that you have them home now!! They sure are a pretty bunch. Glad you're getting hugs from Jesse again--that should make your days a little brighter--sunshine or not.

  4. So, Mom, you might need bionic eyes next - that's Audubon hiding behind Eli way up at the top of the page. Estes has, you know, white on two of her little feetsies and is a whole lot shorter than Eli.

    Too bad we didn't have room in the trailers for my fillies. They really wanted to come home with Aunt GunDiva.

    And maybe Meeker's little one, too.

    And Missy Meeker missed me and wanted to come too.

    Damn. We need a stock trailer and a lot more property.

  5. Now that was a fun post to read Juanita...

    But I got to say it gives me a one up this round. I never have to chase my quad, and it will load up in under 2 minutes every time...

    just saying... :o)

  6. Diva you need to win the Lotto to bring all those beauties home!!

    Nice job- bet your hearts are happy as all get out to have the babies HOOOOMMMMEEEE!!!

  7. That's pretty good time to catch and load 5 horses.
    Love that you still have snow on the ground!!
    That Ranger is a cutie, I like him the best.

  8. Ranger is definitely a favorite around this neighborhood. He is so full of personality and every thought ends up pasted on that cute little face for all to read. 99% of the time, all of our horses trailer load on voice command, so catching the Rangeman is the most time consuming...and it really isn't that hard. It's more of a game.

  9. MM - you're right, I need to win the lotto something fierce. Those babies are so beautiful and I've been in love with them for a long time. Missy Meeker's newest one is a sweetheart and the spitting image of Meeks. She could come home with me too. That would be alright.


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