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Monday, April 25, 2011

Jesse's Day Out

Just finished cleaning up the lodge for tonight's guests when Compass calls and says, "Let's ride."

"Don't  have time.  Gotta go to town and finish getting supplies."

"What's a half hour?  Get your b*tt out here!  I'll wait for you to saddle up."

Bill agrees, so OK.  Had much more snow last night and this morning, so I am wading through a NEW eight inches of snow to the corral, thinking about trying to saddle in the drift at our hitch rail.  Oh well, what's a little snow - we were getting sunshine for a few minutes.  Jesse bounces at my shoulder over to the hitch rail, bounces while Bill tosses her saddle, bounces to the mounting block.  Bill figures he better try her out first.  She bounces him along the parking lot, trying to be good; so delighted to be out.

I lead her to the blocks and she gets nice and quiet - she KNOWS - gotta be careful.  Boy, I love that horse.  I get mounted up (tapping her butt a bit, but she doesn't care) and we all head out, Bill bareback on Ranger, Compass on Eli, and good ole Jesse.  All the horses seemed tense for some reason; maybe just excitement.  Ranger jumped everytime snow fell out of the trees.  They all hesitated at various places along the way.  Jesse wanted to challenge all the funny snow covered shapes in the fields we passed.  Crazy guys.  It still all went very well and we had a great ride, then it started snowing ... AGAIN.

Some day, spring will come and stay for awhile.


  1. Glad Compass talked you into it! These days I sometimes have just 5 minutes and I hop on with just a halter and leadrope. And it's worth those 5 minutes and dirt covered butt :)

    So glad Jesse got out with you!

  2. I don't believe you--spring is not going to stay awhile. There is no such thing as spring. ;) Ahhhhh!!!! Yesterday I was actually looking on the internet for homes in Arizona. I found a great little cottage on 120 acres. I'm thinking.....

    Glad you got such a nice ride in. If we're going to do anything at all, we have to get out in those elements. This Thursday Rashid is coming over this way and I want to audit it, but the weather forecast is RAIN and cold....again. I'm thinking of going anyway and just taking an umbrella and heavy coat.

  3. Doesn't spring come in like June up there? Summer is the month of July and fall comes in August. The 9 months just w.i.n.t.e.r?

    LOL...Just kidding. ;-)

  4. Woohoo! Juanita is riding again. I can't wait for you to shoot off your horse, run barrels, use the lodgepoles for pole bending...trick riding. Er, I guess at this point all riding is trick riding until your bionic self is adjusted to it again. :)

    Love ya! You are awesome!


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