Bill and Juanita, owners of Allenspark Lodge B&B, are living their dream...

running a successful business and riding as often as possible.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful other half - who bravely stepped into the lives of four wild Indians (ages 6 to 16) when he should have been enjoying a leisurely bachelor life.  Now...many, many years later....I thank him again for doing a super job he didn't have to do.
Humiliating his horse....
On a good day with his horse....
As our guests see him....
Enjoying the WNFR in Las Vegas....
What he's wishing he could do the rest of the day!


  1. Yep, he's a good guy.
    Happy Fathers Day, Bill from one dad to another!
    --Jim in Ohio

  2. Aw ... Happy Fathers Day, Bill! Thanks for being one of the good guys!

  3. Those are the truly amazing kind of dads - the one who do it out of choice and love, rather than just obligation (I have one of those I wouldn't trade either).

    Happiest Father's Day Bill!

    (From the chick who saw that first picture in person - still loving it!)

  4. Awww...Juanita, that was so sweet. And you and Bill are a most awesome couple. I do have to say I think he is a great guy, too. He's also very lucky to have such a fine lady as yourself.


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