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Monday, June 27, 2011

Oddz and Endz

We have been kinda busy this last week, so here's a short post.

Went for a horseback ride on Fathers Day with one of the daughters (GunDiva).  Wonderful ride.

J & J Paris...  The puzzle is done.  As it turns out, another couple that stayed with us last week  had been here a year and a half ago, and the SAME PUZZLE was on the table, and they had to leave before it was done.  I'm not sure he believed me when I told him we had saved it for him to finish.  It is missing a piece, so if you guys could check your luggage... 

We have been working a lot lately.  Bed at midnight, up at 5:30.  Sometimes in the morning, the brains are not
fully functional.  But I still knew what Juanita wanted when she asked for the "squeegee-spoon".

My hand writing leaves something to be desired.  I have the fine motor control of a drunken buffalo.  So when
guests leave notes like this, I can't read them.  I mean, I see the words, but I get so distracted by how pretty it is, I loose all comprehension.
 (Click on this one to see it larger)

Juanita went to the post office last week and bought some stamps.  I congratulated her on buying some exceptionally ugly stamps.  She gave me "that look" and told me "I thought they were pretty."


(Okay Momma Fargo, here's a post.  Quicha bellyaching.)


  1. I love puzzles! Maybe my cats are old enough that I can get one this winter :)

    I can't read that letter either. You should frame it. it's art!

    Sorry, Juanita, I gotta agree with Bill about the stamps... ;)

  2. Ha! Sounds like you are having fun and the hours you are keeping are exhausting me just by reading them. Wait. They sound like mine. LOL.

    The letter IS art.

    Stamps...very jazzy. :)

    Bellyache over.

  3. Jealous over the ride.

    Beautifully written letter (and I happen to agree with all their sentiments).

    And hi-larious about the stamps ;)

  4. We checked our luggage - no puzzle piece. Have you checked Beth's pockets?

    Wish we were back there with you.

    One J agrees with Bill -- not only are the stamps ugly, they are expensive!

    That letter says it all about your place!

    J & J "paris"

  5. What a wonderful and well-deserved compliment. The writer was very thoughtful and took the time to make it beautiful as well.

    You guys are so busy! Sounds like it's a fun kind of busy, but wow!

  6. My gosh...I had no idea people could still write like that. It's a work of art.

    I dunno about your handwriting, but your sketches are hilarious...don't ever change that style. ;-)

    Stamps? What are stamps?

    (LOL-I almost never use the post office anymore.)

  7. "fine motor control of a drunken buffalo". I totally have to work that into my next novel.

    Lovely letter and lovely stamps. What can I say, I'm easy to please.


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